Day 631

1. Seeing a young girl carrying a small bunch of sunflowers.  Farmers Market Thursdays rarely fail to yield at least a few moments of delight.

2. Seeing roadside grasses and flowers dance in the breeze.  An unexpected benefit of getting stuck in traffic.

3. Seeing an old-school Tupperware container in the fridge at work.  When I saw the sunburst lid, I immediately (reflexively) had rapid-fire thoughts of my mom, her stacks of various Tupperware items neatly organized in the cabinet beneath the kitchen counter, my childhood home, my childhood as a whole, my mom’s love for me… and my heart filled with joy.  And of course I smiled.  Big thanks to the anonymous colleague who still uses classic Tupperware!  (And of course, deep gratitude to my mom, who planted such wonderful memories in my mind and sentiments in my soul.)




2 thoughts on “Day 631

  1. Ruth

    Love your memories of your mother and kitchen and childhood and that the yellow Tupperware started a whole flood of sweet moments. Good one


    1. Stef Post author

      It’s amazing to me how the tiniest, most random things can trigger such a flood of memories. (And I’m incredibly blessed to have such a strong, vast collection of happy/positive memories to pull from.)



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