Day 630

1. Getting to observe a woman grow in so many healthy ways.  It’s an honor to be a part of, and a beautiful thing to witness!

2. Receiving several compliments about my semi-recent haircut.  I wasn’t sure that I liked it when it was first cut (two weeks ago), but as it has grown out just a tiny bit over these past 14 days I really am enjoying it more and more – so to hear others appreciate it as well was a lovely bonus.

3. Reading an article in our local community paper about a nine-year-old girl who is traveling to South Africa to compete in an international chess championship.  (Not her first international competition, by the way.)  I love that a young girl is already so passionate about (and proficient in!) chess (and math) that she is competing at such a serious level – and succeeding!  You go girl!

delights_chess girl2



Want to join me? Feel free to share any of your daily delights below. (Other comments also accepted.) :)

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