Day 597

1. Receiving a phone call from the doctor to discuss various lab results.  When the tests turn out normal (which they did in this case), usually a nurse or technician makes the follow-up call – so to talk with the doctor herself was impressive.

2. Taking a brief siesta underneath a tree.  The sun and shade, warm air and light breeze, quiet grass and gentle rustle of leaves, made for soul-enriching contrasts.

3. Receiving an unexpected thank you note in the mail.  The below passage made me pause.  Talk about impact!  I love the awesome power that people who care even a little bit can make.

Last year, 1,751 volunteers – including you! – contributed 58,110 service hours equivalent t0 27.93 full-time staff and valued at $1,286,555, to say nothing of the literally invaluable and immeasurable heart, energy, time, talent, support, and faithfulness you bring to your service.  Thank you!



3 thoughts on “Day 597

    1. Stef Post author

      I spent many years doing gratitude journals – that’s a great daily practice, too.

      Yes, life affords me SO many opportunities to experience joy, delight, and gratitude – every day!



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