Day 595

1. Witnessing the amazing power of compassion.  No matter how bad a day gets, sharing/receiving a tiny bit of compassion makes the situation a tiny bit better.  What incredible power every human possesses – if we simply choose to use it.

2. Overhearing the following exchange:

Gay man: “Hi B!  Say, I have some news to share: I’m now a dad!”
Straight man: “R, that’s awesome!  I’m so happy for you!  We should get our kids together for a playdate.”

There is so much that is right about this conversation: that gay people having children is not a ‘shock’; that gay people having children is celebrated; that fathers are involved with their children; that men can share genuine emotions openly with one another… Five brief sentences communicated so much change that has transpired in recent years.  I love it.

3. The FIFA-related Google Doodles that are occurring this week.  They are so cute and fun!  Each one makes me smile every time I see it; what a gift Google is giving to millions of people.

google doodle



5 thoughts on “Day 595

    1. Stef Post author

      I fully agree. The “experts” say it takes just 2 generations for dramatic societal change to occur – and I’m so grateful to be in the middle generation of it all! It’s so fantastic to witness – and be a part of.


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