Day 594

1. Getting to say “Good morning!” to a man who treated me with exceptional kindness when I started my first “real” (e.g., professional) job 17 years ago.  I don’t see this person often – but every time I do, I remember his compassionate spirit and gentle soul, and I feel genuine appreciation in my own heart.

2. Spending the majority of the day laughing with my new work team.  They are a smart group of people (and as a result are quite  confident) – but they all also have very good hearts.  So the humor they deliver is quick and sharp – but often self-directed, and always in the spirit of fun and levity.  I’m so happy to be in their company.  🙂 

3. Spending a few moments taking in the view from my office window.  I don’t know how/why I became such a lucky woman, but however it came to be, I’m intensely grateful for it all.

office view1

office view2



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