Day 583

1. Receiving deep kindness, generosity, and hospitality from a complete stranger.

2. Helping someone for a few hours – and at the end of our meeting, her saying, “Thank you for your patience today – and thank your parents for me, too.”  I have never heard appreciation expressed like this – but I absolutely love it.  So Mom and Dad, my fellow says “thank you” for the way your raised me.  (And I do, too.)  🙂

3. Hearing a great poem:

Empty handed, I enter the world.
Barefoot, I leave it.
My coming, my going.
Two simple happenings that got entangled.
                                           ~Kozan Ichikyo

buddha head in tree trunk




Want to join me? Feel free to share any of your daily delights below. (Other comments also accepted.) :)

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