Day 581

1. All day long, randomly running in to people I genuinely enjoy.  Each interaction was like a gentle hug to my soul; what a lovely experience.

2. Hearing a fantastic story from a somewhat senior executive about her non-traditional path into her current role (starting from when she became pregnant as a teenager, and raising her daughter as a young, single parent).  I love that the company I work for saw this woman’s skills, and treated her accordingly (and wasn’t concerned with her marital/parental status).  Learning of this ‘success’ (from both the employee and the employer) made me feel so good! 

3. Teaching a colleague a helpful “trick” I learned several years ago – and genuinely making his day with that new knowledge.  I love when people realize that “little things” can be powerful, too!




2 thoughts on “Day 581

    1. Stef Post author

      I did, too. It was even more powerful (and positive) hearing it directly from her. Made me even more proud of my employer.



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