Day 579

1. Having the flexibility to work from home (or the library, a coffee shop, the doctor’s office, or a car service center) when I need to.

2. The auto mechanic finding the exact spare part my car needed at the sister service center next door (so that he could fix my car today instead of having to special-order the part, then have me come back next week to install the replacement).  I like saving money, but I love saving time!

3. Walking through a neighborhood I haven’t visited since last fall, and seeing that they now have a Little Free Library!  I so adore these amazing little structures.

Little Free Library



2 thoughts on “Day 579

  1. Crowing Crone

    You inspire me, so often, in seeing how the ‘small’ things are really the joy of life. I’ve been seeing those little libraries here in France, as well, and they always make me smile.


    1. Stef Post author

      Joss, I take your very kind words as an amazing compliment; to be able to inspire a woman such as yourself is pretty fantastic for me. I’m humbled. (Truly.) I also love the vision I have in my head of you seeing lots of Little Free Libraries in France – that feels like the exact perfect place for them!



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