Day 572

1. Watching a bluebird sit on her nest (which she built just outside our kitchen window).  It’s amazing to have such a close-up view to nature’s lifecycle.

2. Reading a terrific true exchange shared by one of my teaching friends:

Student: “Can I do any extra credit to bring my grade up?”
Teacher: “Sure. Write ‘Extra Credit’ on top of your missing assignments and turn them in.”


3. Seeing American flags of all shapes and sizes around town today.  The older I get, the more meaningful Memorial Day becomes to me.  Many thanks to all of those past and present who have made tremendous sacrifices to ensure I retain the liberties and freedoms I enjoy every day.

memorial day



2 thoughts on “Day 572

    1. Stef Post author

      Thank you Joss. It’s amazing how easy it really is to appreciate wonder in the world – and in so doing, create some of my own.



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