Day 569

1. As I parked my car in a public lot, I saw a woman two spaces away from me pour water out of what looked like a small ramekin.  She caught my puzzled look – but just then, a small muppet of a dog popped its head up.  The woman looked back at me a bit sheepishly, then said through her open window, “He’s picky, you know…”  nodding towards her small pooch.  I smiled at her, nodded my head, and said, “If my boys enjoyed riding in the car, I would do the very same thing.”  No need to apologize puppy mama; I get you.  🙂

2. Seeing a mother in a grocery store flex her parenting style on a dime as the emotions and needs of her small child changed.  The mom went from appropriately disciplining her little girl, to scooping her up and cuddling her just a few seconds later (again, appropriately).  Parenting is a tough gig; big props to all of the women and men who do it well.

3. Hearing a beautiful message while listening to a podcast: “Just as species diversity is essential to keep the planet in place, so there’s a need for a diversity of love to sustain the ecosphere of kindness – and that anyone who rejected any bit of the love in the world was acting in a foolish way.”  ~Andrew Solomon, excerpted from his talk “My Post Nuclear Family”, as told to The Moth

Love isn't complicated



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