Day 568

1. Seeing a dog play “soccer” with one of his balls.  (I.e., he maneuvered the ball back and forth between his two front feet while running around his yard.)  I was quite mesmerized – it really looked like he was practicing soccer drills!

2. Getting a 30% discount on an item I purchased, simply because I was polite to and patient with the clerk.  (It took him “forever and a day” [his words] to locate the price of the item I wanted to buy. [Apparently it was ordered online and returned to the store – and apparently those two inventory systems don’t match.])  Kindness does pay!

3. Reading a brilliant reply an advice columnist wrote to one of her readers:

advice column



Want to join me? Feel free to share any of your daily delights below. (Other comments also accepted.) :)

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