Day 550

1. Sleeping in and waking only when my body was ready to do so (i.e., not waking to an alarm clock, or to hungry puppies).  It felt wonderful to be fully rested!

2. After days and days and days of rain, getting to finally walk outside again.  As I made my pass around the neighborhood, I strolled by the cigar-smoking good-naturedly-teasing middle-aged man.  He was on his phone, but when he saw me he told the person on the other end, “Hang on for a sec, I gotta do somethin’ – here comes the walker!”  As I moved past his driveway, the man called out to me, “Well, now I know spring must be near – the walker is here!”  I laughed and smiled at him.  I think I’m part of his “routine” now – and that feels pretty cool.

3. On the drive home (from an out of town wedding), seeing a very cool water tower:

smiley water tower



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