Day 542

1. Going out to lunch with my sweetie.  Both the food and the conversation were great!

2. Watching three big, young dogs all play together in my neighbors back yard.  It’s fun to watch them tussle and wrestle – and it’s obvious that they understand and follow rules of etiquette.  

3. Seeing a terrific commercial featuring Ricky Gervais: His young niece is in the backseat of a car (he’s in the driver’s seat), and she’s reading a series of derogatory posts about him from online.  After a few seconds she asks him, “What does all this mean?”  Ricky pauses, then answers, “It means I’m doing something right.”  The little girl smiles, and enthusiastically asks, “Would you like to hear more?”  Ricky then smiles and answers, “Would I?!”  The barrage of harsh words continue, with both Ricky and the little girl smiling and laughing all the while.  Brilliant.

(P.S. I adore Ricky’s laugh.  So fantastic.) 



Want to join me? Feel free to share any of your daily delights below. (Other comments also accepted.) :)

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