Day 541

1. Being stopped on the road by a city construction crew: I got to watch a HUGE claw grab massive piles of wet leaves and drop them into dump truck.  SO cool!

2. While grocery shopping, hearing a small child call out, “Geen!  Geen!  Geen!”  As I drew closer, I saw that she was pointing to every green item that her mom put in the cart and smiling broadly.  However, when her mom tried to put apples in the basket, the child bunched up her face and cried, “No mama!  No red! Geen! Geen!”  The mother calmly replied, “That’s the problem with shopping with you Gloria; we can’t shop by color alone.”  With that, another bag of apples went into the car – and Gloria wailed.  Well, at least her mom won’t have to fight her to eat vegetables.  🙂

3. Seeing an elementary school art exhibition at my local library.  While most of the pieces were “standard” kid productions, a few notable standouts were present:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Art in public spaces is always a joy for me – no mater who creates it.  🙂 



Want to join me? Feel free to share any of your daily delights below. (Other comments also accepted.) :)

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