Day 534

1. One of my friends posted on Facebook that she searched the internet for vegan recipes simply because she couldn’t imagine what people eat if they don’t consume meat or dairy.  One person replied, “You eat sadness and despair.”  I laughed out loud.  [The comment was made in good humor, and I took it as such.]  🙂

2. Receiving free books from a very generous nonprofit organization.  I am deeply impressed by all that they do – and I continue to marvel that they always offer their resources with zero expectation of financial contribution or gain.  That is true social service.

3. Feeling as comfortable at my in-laws house as I do at my own parent’s home.  I adore that we all really are family – it means that our family never has to stop evolving and growing, and that we all have the opportunity to be supported and loved no matter what changes in the future.  What an amazing prospect!

family tree



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