Day 525

1. Learning that this winter’s falcon sighting was no coincidence: the building management of the skyscraper I work in has a dedicated box just for these birds!  As was explained in an email to all of the building tenants, “As many of you know or may have noticed, the peregrine falcons are back and flying around the downtown skyscrapers. A pair of falcons will soon make our building their home in the ‘hackbox’ located on the 50th floor of the tower. We would like to share this miracle of nature with the greater population of the building and have set up a website for your viewing pleasure. Please visit where you will be treated to two different camera views of the nesting box and the soon arriving peregrine falcons and baby falcons.”  How wild!  (Literally!)

2. Experiencing the first *real* spring day of the year.  (And the highest temperature since October 2013!)  Happy early birthday to me!


3. Coming back to my desk from a meeting today, I saw this note taped to my computer:

birthday message

Seeing these well-wishes instantly made me smile – I am always so touched when people take time out of their day to share goodness with me.  May I never outgrow the genuine delight I feel when I am the recipient of kindness from others – no matter how “small” the kindness is.  (P.S. Kindness is never small.)  🙂



5 thoughts on “Day 525

  1. Ruth

    Happy Birthday Stef! What a nice surprise to find. Love the box dedicated to the falcons. Everyone here is watching the Eagle Cam with 3 baby eagles.
    Your temperature is a welcome sight! Sure has been a looooong winter.


    1. Stef Post author

      Thank you Ruth! I agree – this winter has been seemingly perpetual. (Indeed, it’s been six full months since we have seen even reasonably “warm” temps!) Your Eagle Cam sounds cool – where is it posted?



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