Day 517

1. Hearing a colleague play an April Fool’s joke on one of his peers: Upon returning from a newly opened restaurant, the colleague causally commented how he hadn’t planned to spend quite so much money on lunch today.  Seeing as how the restaurant is a taco place, the peer asked in a somewhat surprised tone, “Gosh, how much was it?”  The colleague responded a bit sheepishly, “Um, it was about $20.”  The peer exploded, “Twenty bucks?!  For tacos?!  Good God, how many tacos did you get??”  The colleague looked even more sheepish, and said somewhat hesitantly, “Um, two….But I also got a drink!” he attempted to defend himself.  The peer now looked almost outraged, and said, “That just isn’t right!  Are you sure they didn’t make a mistake with your bill?  I think you should go back down there and get this straightened out.  I’ll go with you if you want…” the peer offered, and started to put on their coat.  At this, the colleague broke into a wide smile, and said, “Ha ha, April Fools!”  

What a tricky guy!

2. A friend making cloth napkins and hemming a pair of pants for me.  I so appreciate her kindness and generosity.  (No April Fool’s tricks here!)  🙂

3. Seeing a car antenna bent into the shape of a heart.  What a great reminder (and potential antidote to road rage).

car antenna heart




Want to join me? Feel free to share any of your daily delights below. (Other comments also accepted.) :)

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