Day 516

1. Giving a scarf I made to a friend – and seeing her like it so much that she immediately wrapped it around her neck.  I couldn’t ask for a better response; her immediate (and sincere) action made me feel wonderful.

2. Having lunch with a dear friend who affirmed me.  I was feeling a bit low, and instead of climbing into the gutter with me (albeit a shallow one, but still…), she took my hand and lifted me up.  That is a good friend.

3. Seeing a photo of a wonderful bus stop.  May we all enjoy such moments of connection and play throughout our days.

canadian bus stop



2 thoughts on “Day 516

    1. Stef Post author

      I felt good giving the scant to someone I knew who seemed to want it; but her genuine appreciation of it made me feel all the better. What a wonderful way to show gratitude. I hope I get to do the same for someone else.



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