Day 510

1. Reading about some amazingly-crazy-yet-totally-realistic (and reasonable) applications of technology in daily life.  I continue to be astounded at how the world continues to change and evolve…

2. My sweetie coming back home!  He had been in Vegas for the past few days (gambling with a friend, dining in fancy restaurants, enjoying warm weather, and generally having a good time), and I missed him.  I felt a physical shift in my being when he walked back into the house; it was a sense of ease and comfort.  A soothing calm.  Love. 

3. Reading a lovely post from a spirited artist about overcoming fear.  If you feel the need for a positive boost, you may want to take 5 minutes and check out her article.  (Thanks Molly!)

From Molly Hahn. (, or

From Molly Hahn. (, or



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