Day 491

1. Hearing a busy signal when I called someone this morning.  As I listened to the “errr-errr-errr-errr” noise for a few seconds, I realized that I haven’t heard that tone in at least 10 years; I then realized that some adults have likely NEVER heard that tone.  Crazy.  That thought definitely made me pause; and the realization of how far technology has come in my lifetime made me feel quite happy.

2. Seeing a print ad for “Tato Skins”.  It’s been at least 20 years since I’ve consumed that product – and when I saw the picture of the bag, the jingle immediately surfaced in my inner ear, and a picture of my family from the 1980s flashed in my inner eye.  Kooky – and cool.  Another flashback moment in my day.

3. Having great buddies to snuggle with as I attempted to out-sleep a wicked cold.  These guys sacked out with me on the sofa for four hours; they are my little cuddle loves.

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