Day 481

1. Reconnecting with a former colleague, and sharing stories and laughs.

2. Having lunch at a restaurant that had absolutely no vegan options on their menu.  Rather than get upset, I politely informed the waitress, “Hi, I’m vegan.  I can’t find much on the menu that will work for me, so I’m going to go rogue.  Please ask the chef to make me something – anything – that s/he wants, so long as it is free of all animal products.”  Ten minutes later the waitress returned with a beautiful, amazing salad that was WAY better than any item on the printed menu.  Ask and ye shall receive.  🙂

3. Randomly running across a very sage piece of advice:




6 thoughts on “Day 481

    1. Stef Post author

      I did an experiment for the first half of last year where every week I went to a new-to-me restaurant in the city, sat down, and asked the waitress to bring me anything s/he wanted to submit to the kitchen, or anything the chef wanted to make me. My only requirement was that the meal be vegetarian (I hadn’t yet gone vegan). Those meals were some of the best I have ever eaten. Truly.



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