Day 477

1. While finding an image for yesterday’s blog post, running across a website dedicated to various ways to experience (and cultivate) happiness.  Simply reading through the variety of happiness factors improved my mood; happiness is powerful stuff!

2. Cuddling with one of the puppies.  He’s such a snuggle buddy; I love it (and him).

3. Running across the image posted below.  I adore language, and absolutely love when people educate on the proper use of it in humorous, cheeky ways:





6 thoughts on “Day 477

    1. Stef Post author

      I’m right there with you. When I read the first sentence, I thought, “Holy crap” – and got ready to change the screen FAST. But my eyes moved to the second line before my fingers could navigate to a new page – and in this case, I’m glad my brain is faster than my body, as I got to laugh instead of shudder. 🙂



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