Day 469

1. Learning about a local “eco cemetery“.  I love the emphasis on dying naturally, celebrating a life (instead of mourning a loss), and doing so in a cost-effective manner.  Sounds like a win-win-win to me!  (And you all know how much I love those.)  🙂

2. Seeing a video that is the perfect articulation of pure joy.  Definitely worth the 2:37 minute view.

3. Being able to make someone’s day.  (Below is a long email thread – but there’s a smile at the end of it.)  🙂

From: World Book Night <>
Subject: You’re a WBN 2014 giver! Action required.
Date: February 5, 2014 8:31:27 AM CST

Dear Stefanie,

Congratulations! You will be a 2014 World Book Night giver…after you do one more thing!

You need to choose your pick-up location, the local bookstore or library where you will go in mid-April to pick up your box of books.  This step is critical.  (Last year, 10% of all accepted givers didn’t complete this step and no boxes were shipped in their names.)

You must select your store or library box pick-up location online by Thursday, Feb. 13th, at midnight EST.

Selecting your pick-up location is a simple 4-step process…really:

1. Click to access the location selection portal:

2. Enter your unique user name and password.

3. Type in your ZIP code and press “enter.”
PLEASE be patient, it may take a long moment to load the map.

4. Select your desired location from the list provided and confirm by pressing the “Set as pick up location”.

Should you have questions, please email us at

Thank you so much for your passion and support for World Book Night!  Our primary goal is to get the books to you in time for World Book Night. We appreciate your timely action this week. It helps ensure that distribution runs smoothly. Remember, the deadline for pick-up location selection is THURSDAY, FEB. 13th, at midnight EST.

Congratulations again!

Team WBN U.S.

On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 9:19 PM, Stefanie wrote:


I keep trying to enter my zip code in the location map, but the website keeps crashing.  (I am not having any other computer issues, so I think the problem is on your end versus mine.)  I would like to pick up my books at the Library.

Can you please let me know if you need me to take any additional actions?  Thank you so much!



From: Team World Book Night <>
Subject: Re: You’re a WBN 2014 giver! Action required.
Date: February 9, 2014 12:15:56 PM CST

Hi Stef,

Thank you for your patience. It’s been a crazy (but very very exciting) last few days!

We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience and frustration caused by our site glitches but thrilled you’re joining us as a giver!

I picked the location you said you wanted. If you’d like to change your location, no worries! You can do so by logging in today all the way until next Thursday, February 13th.

You should also be receiving a confirmation email within the next 24 hours regarding your pick-up location.


Team WBN U.S.

On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 4:40 PM, Stefanie wrote:

Hi!  No worries about the website glitches; they happen.  (I mean, if the US Government can’t design an online system without flaws, why should anyone else?)  😉

Thank you for entering the appropriate information about my pick-up location for me; I appreciate it!


From: Team World Book Night <>
Subject: Re: You’re a WBN 2014 giver! Action required.
Date: February 11, 2014 1:30:55 PM CST

Stef, that is the best email I’ve gotten today 🙂 Makes us feel a bit better. We do try our best, so thank YOU for understanding!

Team WBN U.S.


Yay!  🙂  



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