Day 465

1. Learning a new word (anachronistic).  It’s not often that I run across new-to-me vocabulary, so expanding my language base is always a delight for me.  But the definition of this word was soothingly appropriate – so this encounter yielded a double joy.

2. Returning home after running errands and having my husband ask me, “So, would you like to go to Japan in November?”  Um, what the what?  Hell yes!  🙂

3. Seeing a politician be rational, level-headed, and sane.  What a treat!  (Click on the link below to go to a  video – then watch from 1:46-2:30.)

Mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio



6 thoughts on “Day 465

    1. Stef Post author

      Wow, what a small world! I would love to hear any advice/tips/suggestions your neighbors are willing to share. (As well as from anyone who has made the trip in recent years.) 🙂


      1. Ruth

        My cousin is married to a Japanese man but they are living in Beijing right now but she could communicate with you. She is close to your age. Let me know and I’ll write to her.


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