Day 461

1. Being able to afford a cleaning service.  Coming home to freshly mopped floors and vacuumed carpets (especially in winter) is such a treat!

2. Having a deep, meaningful conversation with someone I had never met before.  He is very interested in the extra work I do for my employer regarding providing meditation opportunities for my colleagues – and it was so lovely to be able to talk about meditation with someone who is also a “hybrid” business-type/mindfulness-seeker.    

3. Seeing a great video clip.  I love the stroll down memory lane (I remember every single one of the things mentioned in the first part of the clip), and deeply appreciate the perspective and attitude of the latter part of the clip.  Simply fantastic!



2 thoughts on “Day 461

    1. Stef Post author

      I thought so, too. 🙂 I particularly liked the reference to rotary phones, and the annoyance with numbers that had a zero in them – so much waiting! 😉



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