Day 447

1. Seeing a car with purple headlights.  It added a cool dimension to my morning commute.  

2. Receiving an overwhelming amount of unsolicited support from complete strangers who learned about our pup’s health issues and acupuncture treatment.  I continue to be wowed by the kind hearts of people.

3. Upon hearing me choke on a snack, one of my colleagues immediately bolted out of his chair and into my cubicle, completely ready to give me the Heimlich.  (While unpleasant, my choking sounded much worse than it actually was.)  I’m incredibly grateful that I have genuinely caring (and action-oriented!) people all around me.

I'm also grateful that I didn't look *this* bad, and that my colleague isn't a zombie.  :)

I’m also grateful that I didn’t look *this* bad – and that my colleague isn’t a zombie. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Day 447

    1. Stef Post author

      Re. #1: You and me both. 🙂 Re. #2: It provided an interesting, compelling hue. I don’t know that I would want them on my own car (I think I would tire of them after a few hundred miles), but to see them every now and again would be cool.



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