Day 446

1. Appearing unrecognizable to a few colleagues.  (Eventually they realized who I was, but it took several seconds!)  A fun result of yesterday’s haircut.

2. Learning how a technology team makes lemonade out of lemons: If their system is inaccessible at any point during the work week, they each put $5 into a kitty.  When the system is stable for a full week, they use the kitty money to treat themselves to drinks or a meal (depending on how much cash they have to spend).  The team is currently sitting on over $100; looks like they are going to eat well!  (Hopefully they get to eat soon, too.)  🙂  I like how they have kept some levity around what can otherwise be a draining, depressing issue.

3. Seeing a TV celebrity give a classy sendoff to two of his colleagues who are moving to a new show.  (“We will miss ’em all like crazy cakes, but wish them only the best.”)  Love this.




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