Day 445

1. Getting to donate my hair to a very worthy cause.  (I’ll be writing about my experience sometime next weekend on my Smile, Kiddo blog – so you can read more then/there if you’d like.)

2. Receiving enthusiastic support from my sweetie when I told him my plan to get 8″ of my hair chopped off.  (When I placed my hand at my chin to show him how short my hair would be, he immediately said, “That will be cute!”  What a love he is.)

3. Causing three different employees at the hair salon to do a double take when they saw me after my haircut.  [One of them literally didn’t recognize me; when she asked if she could help me, I replied, “Um, yes, I’d like to pay for my services, please.”  She appeared genuinely surprised, and asked, “Er, okay…. what services did you have done, exactly?” I told her that I received a cut and color from G – and immediately the woman’s jaw dropped.  She stated/asked, “Wait – did you used to have hair down your back?”  I nodded yes, and she squealed, smiled, and cried out, “Oh-my-gosh, your hair looks SUPER cute!!”]  I like that response.  🙂

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4 thoughts on “Day 445

    1. Stef Post author

      I think guys can donate more frequently because they can cut their hair SO close to their head. (I mean, women can, too – but it usually causes more looks or questions than it’s worth…) I don’t think I’ll have the patience or discipline to donate again – but I’m very glad I did it at least once.



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