Day 438

1. My sweetie clearing the driveway this morning – and the warmer weather from this afternoon melting away all of the residual ice, giving us a slip-free surface.  Safety is lovely.  🙂

2. The air temperature being warm enough to let me get a car wash.  My vehicle desperately needed it!

3.  Finally getting to share all of the behind-the-scenes secrets resulting from the planning of yesterday’s surprise party with my sweetie.  I love that I hated keeping this from him; wanting to tell him everything that I know is a great signal to me that our marriage is still going strong. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Day 438

  1. Ruth

    No shortage of delights in every single day! Love this fact about you, Stef. You inspire the rest of us. Maybe if I had that Manifesto for a Happy Marriage in 1974 I’d still be married? 😉


    1. Stef Post author

      I firmly believe that there are amazing delights every day (indeed, probably every moment of every day), if only we are willing to watch for them.

      As for the Manifesto… it’s interesting, I realized that my husband and I *do* adhere to 90% of those guidelines just as the “normal” course of our marriage. But we have had to figure them out along the way, so we’ve had our share of bumps getting to this space. I’m sorry to hear that you are divorced (at least, I assume that’s the case based on your comment), but hope you are happy! I suspect you really are. 🙂



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