Day 434

1. Witnessing the following conversation:

A large black man asked a petite white woman, “Are you able to stay warm amid these brutal temperatures?”
Woman: “I’m trying, but it’s difficult.”
Man: “Yeah.  But at least we get to wear casual clothes this week, so that helps.  It would suck if we had to wear business attire in this freezing weather.”
Woman: “Absolutely.  I can only imagine how much more I would be shivering if I had to wear a dress.”
Man: “Definitely.  I would be shaking if I had to wear a dress, too.”

And he smiled broadly.  What a cheeky guy.  🙂

2. Being incredibly productive at work all day long, and feeling like I was adding tangible, measurable value to the company.  I like it!

3. Learning an interesting fact about Prohibition: “Prohibition allowed individuals to enjoy alcoholic beverages; they just could not buy or make them.  People who had purchased wine, beer, or hard liquor before Saturday, January 17, 1920, were free to drink it when Prohibition went into effect.”  Thanks for the info Minnesota Historical Society!

prohibition women



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