Day 429

1. Getting all of my errands finished just before the snow started to fly.

2. Learning about a senior woman who started serious athletic competition when she was 77 years old!  Olga Kotelko is now well into her 90s, but she’s still competing in Master’s track and field – and still kicking booty.  I love reading/hearing stories that demonstrate how people can still be vital in old age – and how it’s absolutely never “too late” to try new things.

3. Learning all sorts of interesting facts from a rather unlikely source.

I continue to be surprised by the random topics I genuinely find interesting… 

thermoworks thermometer



2 thoughts on “Day 429

  1. Arman

    You know my biggest inspiration right now is the guy I am seeing, he is 15 years my senior, one year short of 50 and he’s still so freaking dynamic, mentally & physically, he beats me at work and gives me a run for my money 😀 I love the fact that he is living proof in my life that it is possible to be so much even at his age. Its a constant inspiration for me. I don’t believe that he’s going to slow down even at 80 🙂 lol


    1. Stef Post author

      For some people growing older is incredibly limiting – and for others, it is wildly liberating. It sounds like your guy is in the latter camp! 🙂 Very cool.



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