Day 422

1. Learning that Nature’s Miracle really is a pretty miraculous product.  (Okay, so while I’m not exactly “delighted” that I had to use the product [I never enjoy cleaning up puppy messes], I am very pleased that the mess was easily removed from the carpet by using this cleaner.)  I’ll be purchasing this item again!  (But hopefully not too soon…)

2. Receiving a survey from Delta Airlines asking me to evaluate my experience on a flight I took with them earlier this week.  I have never had an airline overtly ask for my opinion; I’m glad that some airlines are finally serious about serving their customers!

3. Reflecting on my flight, I remembered the very clever safety video that played before takeoff.  One way to get people’s attention and have them actively engage with “boring” content is to provide small elements of humor and novelty throughout the experience – and this video delivers.  (I also appreciate that some of the clever bits were subtle [e.g., minute 3:07].)

That's quite the carry-on!  Happily I wasn't seated next to this guy.  ;)

That’s quite the carry-on! Happily, I wasn’t seated next to this guy. (Business men can be so boring, you know?)  😉



Want to join me? Feel free to share any of your daily delights below. (Other comments also accepted.) :)

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