Day 415

1. Feeling the deep satisfaction of making significant progress on a challenging work project, and knowing that the work I am doing will truly help people in meaningful ways.  It feels good to my soul.

2. The rain stopping just as I was getting ready to gear up for a walk.  Such good fortune!

3. Learning about a cool trick at Leave the search box blank, and click on “I’m Feeling Lucky” – the word “Lucky” will spin to some other adjective.  Click on it, and you’ll get taken to a fun website!  The option I landed on took me to a Buddhist temple in Japan, then to a castle in France.  (Armchair travel at its finest!)  So, so cool.





3 thoughts on “Day 415

  1. Jennie Saia

    I’m mostly thrilled your work is so soul-satisfying, but I’m also pretty stoked about that Google trick.

    I also love when Google posts the artwork in place of their logo. It’s always something fascinating!


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