Day 403

1. Taking a nap on a drizzly Friday afternoon in a breezy bedroom with two puppies by my side.  Lazy and lovely.

2. Mending a pair of pants with my own two hands.  (The hem fell out.)  The actual act of sewing was very calming and soothing, and I felt proud at the end of the project for being able to fix something on my own instead of having to use a professional.  Go self-sufficiency!  😉

3. Having a friend think of me upon seeing the sign below – then letting me know:

smile pic



2 thoughts on “Day 403

  1. rutheh

    Mending is a word I love to hear. It evokes warm memories. My mom had a wooden sock egg and she mended socks, if you can believe it. She had a pile of mending to tend to. Lovely


    1. Stef Post author

      It wasn’t that long ago that people mended everything, only buying a replacement item when totally, absolutely necessary. I appreciate and admire that mindset. I try to live it – but I know I am nowhere near what people in the past were like.



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