Day 399

1. Getting back to the yoga studio.  I missed two of my regularly scheduled classes when I was out of town this past week/weekend; it felt great getting back to my mat and experiencing 90 minutes of grounded awareness.

2. Taking a long walk outside, wearing just a t-shirt and capris.  No long pants, no jacket, no stocking cap, no gloves… I felt so light and free!  Aaahhhhh… so wonderful.

3. Seeing an incredibly cute animal picture.  I want to pinch the little cheeks off this guy!




4 thoughts on “Day 399

  1. Sophie Milan

    Would you give me a word or two that I may consider to look for and start yoga classes? 🙂 I’d really appreciate and I just want to know from someone who experiences it firsthand. Much love!


    1. Stef Post author

      Sure Sophie – though I’m not entirely clear on what you are asking/looking for. Are you looking for a summary of key yoga styles you might want to explore further? Or what to look for in a good teacher/studio? Or more info about the local studios I think are better than most? Please let me know what kind of info you want me to share, and I’d be happy to! 🙂


      1. Sophie Milan

        Aww… this is very nice of you Stef 🙂 I actually never done yoga before for it is not a very common practice here in the Philippines. Though for the past few months, I feel like I wanna try it. My impression is that it will help me concentrate more, meditate and basically clear my mind of worries and find peace… will yoga actually help me with this? :)) Thanks so much!


      2. Stef Post author


        In the short term, yoga will most likely help your body more than your mind. Practicing yoga will help you focus – but more because it’s new to you than because it’s yoga. (I.e., people have to focus more on any task that is new to us.) However, over time, yoga will help calm the mind – if the yoga is done properly. By that, I mean if the person doing yoga really is working to connect the poses with the breath. Most people don’t do this – they just get their body into the various poses without really thinking about *why* they are doing the yoga – so for them, yoga remains a physical practice, an exercise routine and not much more. But for the people who really do work to connect body with breath, the meditative/grounding effects can be pretty amazing.

        Does that make sense? Do you have other questions?



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