Day 395

1. Having a mentally disabled adult ‘help’ me navigate the city’s public transportation system.  While I likely would have figured out the tram schedule on my own, I was touched by how kindly the man explained the ticket process to me – and how he then ‘looked after’ me until I arrived at my destination.  What a great soul.

2. Being chauffeured all day long.  From riding in my husband’s morning carpool, to using the city’s mass transit system, to having my parents drive me to their house, I got to be a passenger all day long.  It was a lovely change of pace.  (I’ve always said when I win the lottery, I’m hiring three staff: a cook [who specializes in vegan and raw food], a masseuse [who focuses on deep tissue work], and a driver – in that order.)  🙂

3. While sitting on a plane, hearing a list of all the cities to which passengers were seeking a connection: Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Worth, Miami, New York, Seattle, Toronto, Tokyo…. I love that for 77 minutes, one hundred strangers from around the world came together and created a peaceful community – no matter how temporary.



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