Day 362

1. Finding out what my sweetie is getting me for my birthday.  What a guy!

2. Learning that I’m not a crappy photographer!  At the mall today I pulled up one of my blogs to show the employee who was helping my sweetie and I (the employee asked to see it!), and as I looked at the screen with the fellow, I realized that the pictures on my posts looked pretty good!  Apparently the issue of poor image quality (when I look at my blog at home) has more to do with my computer monitor, and less to do with a lack of skill in my ability to snap photos.  A cool discovery.

3. Walking into the bedroom this afternoon, I saw this scene:

One of the puppy's babies landed "just so" on a pile of clothes.

One of the puppy’s babies landed “just so” on a pile of clothes.

In my mind, a documentary voice-over started commenting about how the wild African frog stalks his prey…. once again, I crack myself up.



2 thoughts on “Day 362

    1. Stef Post author

      He is, and I am. 🙂 Truth be told, I’m slightly nervous about switching to a Mac (I’ve only ever used PCs and Windows) – but I know once I get over the (hopefully slight) learning curve, I’ll love the new device. Go technology!



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