Day 342

1. Having fun exploring a new-to-me style of yoga.  It was definitely unique, and rather interesting…

2. Reading a list of simple-yet-helpful “life hacks“.  My top two favorites:

  • “After struggling with wide packaging tape, I discovered a way to prevent it from sticking to itself on the roll. Just place a toothpick horizontally on the edge of the tape. I leave the pick in place until ready to cut the tape, then transfer it to the unused end (the start of the roll).”
  • “To keep shirts from losing their buttons, brush a drop of clear nail polish on the threads of each button. It will not show and lasts as long as the shirt does.”

(But there were at least 5 other tips that I thought were truly clever, helpful, and new to me.  I love learning new tricks.)

3. Today’s Google Doodle.  My dad and I have a running joke that he is “The Lord Of The Dance”, so the surprise I got this morning of seeing six Irish kids dancing so energetically made me laugh out loud – and made me think of him (which always makes me smile.)  [Love you Dad.]

St Patty Google Doodle_2013





2 thoughts on “Day 342

  1. rutheh

    Went to see the Irish Dancers on Google and had a sweet memory of Laura step-dancing when she was young. Thanks Stef. Always find your daily delights just that-delightful!


    1. Stef Post author

      I bet the memory of Laura step-dancing was a sweet one indeed. I wonder how many people smiled at memories that Google doodle summoned? Looks like Google is a terrific “daily delights” provider, too! 🙂



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