Day 310

1. Bringing a box of the Girl Scout cookies I purchased a few days ago to work – and having my colleagues smile broadly when they saw the treat.  The goodness from that purchase just keeps on giving…may all of my financial expenditures yield these types of positive results!

2. Enjoying a yummy bowl of soup for lunch.  (Roasted eggplant/tomato/onion/Parmesan.  Mmmm…)

3. While performing testing for an online system today, I had to verify that a few fields of a form were created with appropriate character limits.  (I had to see if I could enter more than 250 characters into the space provided.)  Wanting to get through the multiple scenarios as quickly as possible, I simply put my index fingers on two different keyboard keys and started alternating back and forth, counting all the while until I reached 250.  When I looked up to verify the results on the screen, I saw that I had unknowingly given myself a visual treat:




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