Day 305

1. Starting my day off with a massage.  I usually get massages in the late afternoon or early evening, but having one at 8:30 am is actually a great way to start the day!

2. Bright sunshine melting all of the ice from our driveway.  I appreciate not having to shovel (as well as not slipping and falling on my a**).

3. Enjoying a very tasty sushi dinner with my sweetie.



8 thoughts on “Day 305

  1. roughwighting

    Walking for two hours in the sunshine, listening to bird tunes.
    Putting together a My Little Pony puzzle with my 4 year old granddaughter.
    Sharing a pomagrante margarita with my man during our tropical vacation.


      1. electomind

        I thought your post will be much longer than that. Because I’m doing the same but i guess i like details lol. I’m checking your blog daily, and this post is the shortest one. That’s why i’m asking you. 🙂 xx


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