Day 272

1. Seeing a fellow yoga student look to her right, then to her left (where I was sitting on my mat), then hearing her say, “I’m the middle of a beautiful yogi sandwich!  This totally makes my day.”  To be told 1) that someone considers me beautiful, and 2) someone is genuinely excited to practice next to me, totally makes my day!

2. Getting to be the guest blogger on one of my friend’s sites.  (It’s even a photography blog- double cool!)  I feel genuinely flattered that she chose to publish my picture.

3. Experimenting in the kitchen – and having it turn out surprisingly well!  The meal was rather simple: diced cooked sweet potato + chorizo seitan (which tastes every bit as good as its pork equivalent – but without all the killing) + a dab of sour cream + diced avocado.  Microwave for a minute, or until hot.  Delish!




2 thoughts on “Day 272

  1. rutheh

    Your photo of the retro soup cans was wonderful and a great addition to the blog. I love that you saw the cans and remembered my post from last summer. Thanks for sending and guest blogging. (I know you aren’t into stats but more than 450 people checked it out today!)


    1. Stef Post author

      450 people? Holy buckets – you have an amazing following! May I be that cool one day. (Seriously!) Thanks for helping to turn a few people on to my space; I appreciate it!



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