Day 267

1. Spending the day with my sweetie, our two puppies, and absolutely no schedule.  Nowhere to be, nothing to do; our only focus was to relax.  Mission accomplished.  🙂

2. Seeing a rabbit scamper by the window at sundown.  Even in the dark and bitter cold, nature not only survives, but somehow manages to thrive.

3. Water, tea, cocoa, coffee – enjoying a plethora of beverages to warm my body and soothe my throat.



10 thoughts on “Day 267

  1. Carla

    I Love simple days. And this one sounds lovely. Especially seeing the bunny! And the hot drinks! Looking forward to staying better connected in 2013! Cheers!


  2. Carla

    Oh, and my daily delight today was walking with my toes in the sand and water on a barrier island. The water was cool – I started out with shoes and socks on, but eventually it warmed up and my feet needed to be in the sand and water. A lovely start to the year!



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