Day 228

1. Having alone time with my sweetie to talk about life.

2. A prankster flight attendant who offered many great quotes during the last leg of our trip.  My two favorites: “Ladies and gentlemen, we have been cleared for takeoff.  Hold on!”  and “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Minneapolis – where it is currently freezing outside.”

3. Being surprised by a puppy in an unexpected place:

The presence of well-behaved dogs always makes me smile.



2 thoughts on “Day 228

  1. rutheh

    Love your shots of the dogs in containers. The kids just watched the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie last night so that was fun to see today. I am going to show Anna who is still up late!


    1. Stef Post author

      This pup was a service animal (complete with official credentials [which allowed him/her to fly outside of a contained crate]). I hope Anna liked the pics!



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