Day 227

1. Lounging in a house rife with the smells of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  My mom goes all out every year, whipping up a smorgasbord of turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, sauteed green beans, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, apple salad, pumpkin pie, and fruit crisp (not to mention all of the pre-meal appetizers like shrimp cocktail, cheese and sausage and crackers, crudites and dip…) – and I appreciate all of the work she puts into the gathering to make it as enjoyable as possible for all of us.

2. Playing a full game of canasta with my sister and mom after the big holiday meal.  This is a tradition that has taken place on my mom’s side of the family since before I was born; and it feels very soothing to me every time we engage in it and help keep it alive.

3. Last year I saw a cartoon on my parent’s refrigerator that made me laugh out loud upon the first viewing, and that caused me to smile every time I caught a glance of it afterwards.  Today I saw the same cartoon again – and laughed out loud once more.  It feels wonderful to have a full belly and a happy heart.  🙂



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