Day 221

1. Learning that a report of “shots fired” at my employer was a false alarm.

2. The power of social media and technology (Facebook, instant messaging, blogs, apps, phone-enabled internet access…) to share information quickly. (Within 10 minutes of learning about the issue, I was able to: post on Facebook and send a mass email to let everyone know my husband and I were safe; learn that my colleagues and friends were also safe; download a police scanner app on my phone to stay informed of developments in real-time [which I learned about by reading comments at the end of an online news article who authors were posting information as soon as they became aware of it].)

3. All of the care and concern people shared with me, about me.  I am truly blessed to have such love in my life.



6 thoughts on “Day 221

    1. Stef Post author

      It was a very odd dichotomy. At the end of the two hour ordeal, I felt very emotionally vulnerable and raw – yet also deeply touched by other people’s care and concern. It was a difficult space to be in for a while.



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