Day 193

1. Receiving an unsolicited professional endorsement on Linked In – wow!  A very kind act for one of my former colleagues to take on my behalf; and a terrific way to start my morning.

2. Learning of a crowd-sourcing city-improvement website (and phone app)…which caused me to remember a show I saw about the current mayor of Newark, New Jersey…which led me to remember what a genuine public servant this particular politician has been…which filled my heart with hope for the month ahead…and which also caused me to smile at this man’s wonderful example right here in the present.

3. A hopeful promise that I might learn how to knit.  We’ll see if this turns out to be true or not – but for today, I’m enjoy the idea of it.  🙂



3 thoughts on “Day 193

  1. rutheh

    I love to knit. It is a wonderful way to relax once you learn to do it and feel comfortable holding the needles and all. How nice you were endorsed professionally and it was unsolicited but well deserved!


    1. Stef Post author

      I know how to crochet, and love the rhythm I can get into with it – very soothing and peaceful. Unfortunately, I only know how to crochet flat things (scarves, blankets, etc.) – and I think that if I can learn how to knit, I can make more three-dimensional items (hats, socks, etc.). I’ve tried to learn before – but I hope this new device will help make it a little more intuitive (or at least manageable) for me.


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