Day 186

1. While shopping in a national chain store, hearing the manager-on-duty turn on the loudspeaker and encourage all customers and employees to sing a round of “Happy Birthday” to one of the stock boys.  A little crazy, a lot fun.

2. While sitting in my chair with the puppies on my lap, I turned on my iPad to do a quick internet search.  As s00n as my right hand left Charlie’s belly and touched the screen of the device, he put his paw on my hand and batted at it, trying to pull it back closer to him.  I resumed petting him for a few seconds, then moved my hand back to the iPad to begin my internet search.  Again his paw batted at my hand, and ceased when I resumed petting him.  He and I went back-and-forth like this for a full two minutes, before I finally laughed out loud, put my iPad away, and gave him my full attention.  People who say animals don’t have personalities must never have lived with one – our boys are hilarious!  (And clear in their intentions – they absolutely know what they do [and don’t] want.)

3. Tromping through piles and piles of fall leaves – and delighting in the crunch, crunch, crunch sounds and feeling beneath my feet.  Wonderful.



5 thoughts on “Day 186

    1. Stef Post author

      Thank *you* for reading so consistently, and for commenting often. This space would be a lot less fun if it were always a monologue. 🙂



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