Day 171

1. The efficacy of simple home remedies.  It’s amazing that a small cup of ice can be as effective as high-tech ultrasound treatments, ingestable medicines, or professional physical therapy.

2. Being present for an amazing fall day.  Perfect temperature, gentle air movement, wonderful leaf colors, great fresh smells – it’s all incredibly lovely.

3. Another great raw food meal with another very good friend.

I had the Falafel Wrap (a collard leaf wrap with hummus, falafel, cucumber, tomato, olives, sprouts, and tahini-garlic dressing, served with a side salad). My friend had a slice of Sausage Deluxe Pizza (macadamia-cashew cheese, walnut mushroom sausage, bell pepper, marinated mushrooms, onion, and ginger marinara sauce), and Ginger Nut Noodles (peanut-style ginger sauce made with brazil nuts on zucchini, carrot, and daikon noodles, with basil, cilantro, scallions, and cucumber. served on house-dressed greens). It was all delicious.



6 thoughts on “Day 171

      1. Stef Post author

        Agreed on all counts. That, and I honestly don’t have the equipment necessary to make raw food (at least, raw food that tastes good). However, I took step 1 towards correcting that last statement, and ordered a spirooli this morning. 🙂


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