Day 157

1. Experiencing significant progress in my yoga practice.  It’s amazing to me when I reflect on what I was (and wasn’t) able to do a year ago, and how far I’ve come since then!  Much gratitude to my very knowledgeable teachers.

2. The “clean” feeling my nose gets after a series of strong sneezes.  (One positive side effect of fall allergies.)  🙂

3. Seeing four big inflatables on the playground of the local elementary school this afternoon.  This is one way to get kids excited about education…



4 thoughts on “Day 157

  1. Crowing Crone Joss

    love the primary colors.
    Three delights today: discovering the toad my dog stepped on was not harmed. Seeing less strain and pain in my hubby’s face. Finding a stylus for my Ipad that is orange instead of the black one that broke, costs less than the one that broke, and works better.


      1. Crowing Crone Joss

        indeed. it was dark so I brought the dog in and went back out with a flashlight to make sure Mr Toad was okay. He looked up at me with great big eyes and i directed him to back towards the safety of the garden. it made me smile and I like to think he smiled as well.


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