Day 151

1. Hearing the sounds of eight tiny feet tromping through leaves.

2. Discovering this very random You Tube video.  I was immediately transported back to my childhood (where I encountered this chap’s “happy little trees” throughout my youth) – and my adult self smiled at those long-ago memories.

3. Receiving unexpected smiles from a mid-day snack:




4 thoughts on “Day 151

  1. awindowofwisdom

    1. Having to call a plumber and after doing the job told me he wished he could work on my home everyday because it is so clean!

    2. my daughter walking through the door after being gone for 5 days and my dog filled with pure love and excitement to see her and she cried from his happiness and welcome.

    3. me crying that she was crying and us both seeing how much our dog is just pure love and gives us unconditional love… He is spoiled and shows his appreciation I always say he was rescued he deserves to be a king!


    1. Stef Post author

      A super-clean house even with a dog? Fantastic! Not an easy thing to do (says the gal who has two dogs of her own). It sounds like everyone at your house had a very good day, indeed.



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